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参考新闻网9月27日报道 最近一段时间,由于新确立的澳英美三边同盟,法国和美国闹得挺不愉快。《纽约时报》9月22日揭晓了一篇文章,问题是No Wonder the French Are Angry(《难怪法国人要生气》),作者是法国《天下报》的谈论主编西尔薇考夫曼。文章“zhang”的末端挺有意思:“The Anglosphere has a colorful expression for this illusion: punching above one's weight. Tellingly, it does not translate easily into French.(英语圈对这种理想有一个有趣的说法:超量级拳击。很能说明问题的是,这种说法无法易如反掌地翻译成法语。)”

“Punching above one's weight”,这个“无法易如反掌地翻译成法语”的短语事实是什么意思呢?

从字面上可以看出,这一短语来自拳击竞赛,本意是指“在拳击竞赛中与超出自己量级的选手格斗”。现在,它大致有两层引申寄义。第一层寄义,凭证科林斯在线词典的注释,“to be in a situation that requires powers or abilities that one does not possess”,也「ye」就是说,某人处在一个「ge」超出自己实力局限的情境里。它经常被用来形容某一国家或组织在国际上所施加的影响力与其自己的国家实力不太匹配,即中国俗语中的“小马拉 la[大车”“自不量力”。


I have three alternatives for my future: being arrested, killed or victory.”



参考新闻网9月27日报道 最近,美国、英国与澳大利亚宣布确立三边平安同伴关系,美英将辅助澳大利亚制作核潜艇。澳大利亚因此撕毁之前与法国签署的通例潜艇大单。这令法国大为恼火,法外洋长勒德里昂直斥这是“背后捅刀(a stab in the back)”。

A stab in the back,字面意思就是背后捅刀,示意倒戈【ge】。法外洋交官说,他们知道这个新闻照样通过澳大利亚媒体,只比官方宣布的新闻早了几个小时。

不外,澳大利亚总理莫里森坚持说,他早在6月就跟法国总统马克龙明言,他可能废止与法国的合约(scrap the agreement with France)。莫里森也是耿直,上来直接说scrap(撕毁,废止)。

除了scrap,外媒还用了哪些词来示意毁掉协议呢?路透社有一篇报道,问题是《France says Biden acted like Trump to sink Australia defence deal(法国说拜登毁掉澳大利亚防务合约,就跟特朗普一样)》。这里用了“liao”sink这个词,本意是使淹没,沉下去了,自然“ran”就完蛋了。路透社尚有一篇报道用了ditch这个词。Ditch,作名词,沟渠;作动词,丢入沟渠,引申一下,意为甩掉。Ditch a multi-billion-dollar order,甩掉数百亿美元的订单。


Today there are vaccines and doses are available that are not getting to the poorest countries.”




外文全称:Daniel Foote




AUKUS is not in any way meant to be zero-sum, it's not meant to be exclusionary. It's not something that anybody needs to worry about and particularly not our French friends.”

“澳英美同盟绝不是要搞零和,也不 bu[是要倾轧谁。任何人都不必对此担忧,尤其是我们的法国同伙。”(美联社)



How Women Conquered College and the Future


Samuel Goldman 塞缪尔戈德曼

Judging by movies and TV series like the The Chair, college is dominated by strutting jocks among the students and tweedy graybeards on the faculty.

But it's been a long time since that was true. Despite its anachronistic reputation, the college population is increasingly female. Surveying recent data, The Wall Street Journal finds that women made up nearly 60 percent of enrollment in the 2020-21 academic year. Women are not just more likely to attend college, but also more likely to graduate. According to the report, about two thirds of women who enroll at a four-year institution graduate within six years, compared with 59 percent of men.


The burgeoning gender gap is an open secret in higher education. With none of the fanfare that accompanies their pursuit of racial diversity, many institutions give an admissions advantage to men. One reason is that administrators fear women are also less likely to enroll when the male student population drops below 40 percent.

Women's success in admissions isn't only a dilemma for colleges trying to balance their books. Because elite institutions hire almost exclusively college graduates, campuses are the point of departure for female dominance of publishing, the culture industry,and areas of the corporate world — particularly the massive human resources industry.

Skeptics might observe that the upper tiers of these fields remain dominated by men. That's right, but largely a generation effect. Today's non-profit trustees, tenured professors, and executive editors began their careers decades ago, when college student bodies were more equally divided (and in some cases,exclusively male). It would be surprising if the gender ratio in upper management remained the same in another 20 years.

There's also a meritocratic case for the female future. As The Wall Street Journal notes, the proximate reasons women outnumber men in higher education are that they apply in larger numbers, are more attentive to the admissions process and other administrative hurdles, get better grades, and lead more orderly lives.

Declining educational attainment for men means lower wages and declining marriage rates, which promote family instability. In the long run, un- or under-employed men and unstable households are correlated with violent crime. It's not a straight causal arrow, but the dwindling share of men in higher education and the jobs it supplies could be downright dangerous.

Although their student populations have changed, American higher education continues to be characterized by a streak of elite moralism that's survived in mutated form since its origins in religious instruction. Academic and administrative hurdles can be reduced, but universities need to take seriously men's perception that universities don't want them.

It's not all tweed and Ivy. But some of the cliches about campus life are true.



外文全称 cheng[:Nobile Crater


靠山先容:美国国家航空航天局(NASA)周一宣布,“蝮蛇”(VIPER)月球车2023年将在位于月球南「nan」极四周的诺毕尔环形山上岸,届时将探寻月球上是否存在冰。诺毕尔环形山是一个大撞击坑,月面坐标为85.28S 53.27E,直径79.3公里,深度3.74公里。

参考新闻网9月23日报道 最近一段时间,由于澳‘ao’英美新三边同盟,法国和美国闹得挺不愉快。《纽约时报》9月22日揭晓了一篇文章,问题是《No Wonder the French Are Angry》(《难怪法国人要生气》),作者是法国《天下报》的谈论主编西尔薇考夫曼。文章的末端挺有意思:“The Anglosphere has a colorful expression for this illusion: punching above one's weight. Tellingly, it does not translate easily into French.”(“英语圈对这种错觉有一个有趣的说法:punching above one's weight。很能说明问题的是,这种说法无法简朴地翻译成法语。)

“Punching above one's weight”,这个“无法简朴翻译成法语”的短语事实是什么意思呢?

从字面上可以看出,这一短语来自拳击竞赛,本意是指“在拳击竞赛中与超出自己量级的选手格斗”。现在,它大致有两层引申寄义。第一层寄义,凭证科林斯在线词典的注释,“to be in a situation that requires powers or abilities that one does not possess”,也就是说,某人处在一个超出自己实力局限的情境里。它经常被用来形容某一国家或组织在‘zai’国际上所施加的影响力与其自己的国家实力不太匹配,即中《zhong》国俗语中的“小马拉大车【che】”,“自不量力”。

外文全称:World Carbon Neutrality Media Network


靠山先容:“天下碳中和媒体网络”是一个类似TED的全球媒体及视频聚会平台,着力于推动全民“绿色醒悟运动”,并以媒体宣传来促进中国、美国及欧洲之间的天气相助。 设计于2022年上半年开启一个互联网{wang}视一再道,汇聚全球优异节目及访谈,用于耐久、延续性的宣传。

参考新闻网9月23日报道 美国《华尔街日报》网站最近刊登一篇报道,讲的是反种族主义运动的压力之下,有些跨国护肤品企业弃用“美白”字样。文章提到,团结利华去年把在东南亚市场销售的主打产物Fair&Lovely(优美 mei[可爱)更名为Glow&Lovely(发光可爱)。

抛开政治准确,Fair&Lovely听起来比Glow&Lovely有文化,由于让人想到莎士比亚。他著名的十 shi[四行诗Sonnet 18就用lovely和fair形容赞美的工具。Shall I compare thee to a summer's day/Thou art more lovely and more temperate(我能否把你比作优美炎天?你比炎天可爱也温婉)But thy eternal summer shall not fade/Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st(但你永恒的长夏不会消逝,你优美的容颜也将永驻于世‘shi’)。

莎士比亚时代,fair指的是美妙的容颜。《麦克米伦高阶词典》显示,fair仍然有一条释义为beautiful,但前面加了一个标签:literary,说明这是过时的用法,只泛起在创意写作中(old but still used in some kinds of creative writing)。今天,当fair用来形容外貌,它的意思是白肤金发。

中国人说,一白遮百丑。西方人在一定历史时期也是越白越好。好比女性美的化身白雪公主。奥戴丽赫‘he’本主演的 de[影片My Fair Lady(《窈窕淑女》)改编〖bian〗自萧伯纳的剧作Pygmalion(《皮革马利翁》)。皮革《ge》马利翁是罗马神话中一位镌刻家的名字,他爱上了自己刻的雕像——她很白,是象牙雕成的。


“Auctioning off a sacred American Indian site truly sends the wrong message. It's like auctioning off the Sistine Chapel.”




“If we're going to go to the moon again and we're going to go to Mars and beyond, we've got to get a little outside of our comfort zone and take that next step in that direction.”

“若 ruo[是我们要再次登月,要前往火星以及更远的地方,我们就得稍微走出恬静区,朝谁人偏向迈出下一步。”(英国天空新闻频道网站)


皇冠正网 【双语汇】“自不量力”照样“攀附”? 第1张